Smart building automation

We are Master System Integrators

Rockbrook Group are a Master System Integrator (MSI) who understand modern smart buildings, their systems, how to connect them, automate them and the cybersecurity required to protect them.

We can automate, integrate and monitor your building systems giving you the ability to collect, store, analyse and report your data across multiple systems over long periods of time. This data informs strategies for sustainability, energy savings, equipment performance, maintenance and other cost-saving efforts.

Our preference is always to utilise open protocol solutions to enable easy integration with other systems and 3rd party applications. This gives you peace of mind as you are not tied to a closed system and single vendor. It also allows you to easily upgrade systems in the future.

No matter the size of your building, its purpose or application rest assured we can advise you and provide the appropriate solution. 


Solutions for buildings


One of our key solutions is  building management systems (BMS). We have worked on hyperscale data centres, commercial smart buildings, life science facilities and everything in between. Rockbrook are approved Siemens and Trend BMS suppliers 

Audio visual

We have worked on some of Ireland and the UK’s largest tourist attractions. Clients include the Guinness Storehouse, EPIC museum, Cliffs of Moher and we manage the Audio Visual systems for the AIB branch network. We can design and implement custom solutions that will delight your clients and customers.

Intelligent Lighting

Hyperscale data centers, the Conference Centre Dublin, Aviva Stadium and Dublin airport control tower and Dublin airport airfield systems are just some of our lighting control projects. If it’s big, complex and requires the latest energy efficient lighting solutions we have the experience and knowledge.

Emergency lighting

We can integrate your emergency lighting system into your lighitng control system or BMS removing the need for central test units (CTU’s). Centrally monitor your system and generate reports. You can perform diagnostic tests, inspect your luminaires from anywhere, detect faults and remove the need for a physical presence. 

Power solutions

Power monitoring and virtual power monitoring systems allow you collect data and keep tabs on energy use. A BMS lets you know an event happened but a PMS allows you look forensically at the data to understand why. This can be particularly important in critical buildings like datacentres where a power outage is not an option.

Facade systems

A dymanic solar shading system or facade management system can automate your blinds, awnings and external sunscreens. You can improve the wellbeing of building occupants during summer by reducing internal heat and glare. In winter let more light into the building and reduce internal lighting requirements to conserve energy.


IoT sensors can monitor and report on almost every facet of your building. From light levels, CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, room occupancy, real time location services and space utilisation. We can design and install custom systems based on your needs.


The increased focus on cybersecurity for smart buildings is being driven by increased adoption of networked IoT devices and the convergence of OT and IT security. As buildings get smarter and more connected we have the knowledge and experience to reduce the threat of outside interference.

EV Chargers

A requirement for most buildings with dedicated car park spaces. Not alone can we supply the EV chargers but we can integrate them into your buildings BMS allowing you to control and monitor usage at all times.

Legacy upgrades

Every system has a finite lifespan. If some of your building systems are becoming trouble some and approaching end of life we can advise on a path forward to upgrade your older systems and implement a solution.

Design + Consultancy

We are master system integrators with expert and in depth knowledge of the systems and solutions we deploy. If you are an M+E consultant or contractor in need of design advice or assistance we always happy to provide help.

Key benefits of building automation

lower energy costs

Heating, cooling and lighting can all be monitored centrally as well as being automated to operate at specific times. The increased efficiency helps to reduce utility costs.

improved comfort and ventilation

The building’s air quality, temperature, humidity, lighting and shading etc. can be maintained at an ideal level of comfort within the facility and altered to suit specific rooms/floors which reduces complaints from occupants.

increased productivity

Studies have shown employees tend to be more productive when comfortable. Building automation allows you tailor the system to your employee’s needs thus reducing environmental related disruptions.

reduced maintenance

Building usage can be monitored and the system can generate alerts when a service is required. Should there be a breakdown it’s location can be pinpointed quickly reducing downtime.

increased security

The security and fire system can be integrated with the building automation system. Live monitoring allows you generate alerts when suspicious activity is detected. Doors can be locked or unlocked remotely or at pre determined times.


24/7 remote access to all of the systems in your building allows remote control of systems from any internet-enabled device and allows you to adjust settings from anywhere if required.

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