Siemens BMS

Transform your buildings with Siemens BMS

The Siemens BMS Desigo CC solution is the integrated building management platform for managing high-performance buildings. With an open design, it has been developed to create comfortable, safe and efficient facilities which is becoming increasingly more important. It is easily scalable, from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Desigo CC Compact extends the portfolio with a tailored solution for small and medium-sized buildings. Regardless of the size of the project, from small commercial units to pharma plants or large scale data centers, Desigo CC enables buildings to adapt to any present or future requirements.

Rockbrook Technologies is a Siemens BMS partner and certified in the design and delivery of Siemens Building Technology solutions. We are always happy to offer technical advice on the various possibilities available to help you integrate smart technologies into a Siemens BMS in order to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are working to achieve LEED certification or BREEAM certification on your buildings we can help ensure your building is energy efficient, future proofed and people centric. To view some of our previous projects click here

Siemens BMS - State of the art Building Management System

siemens bms is an open platform

Open Platform

Desigo CC has native support for all major protocols. Additional protocols can be seamlessly integrated through Desigo CC driver. Furthermore, we provide customized solutions and support for new requirements for southbound connectivity or northbound cloud applications.

desigo cc is modular and flexible

Modular and Flexible Design

Desigo CC can be configured as a combination of different systems, disciplines or applications to meet any project requirements. The modularity and flexibility of Desigo CC protect your investments and help you plan the future of your operations.

desigo cc is engineered to be efficient

Efficient Engineering

Desigo CC minimizes engineering training efforts. It has comprehensive libraries, automatic graphic generation, and consistent workflow across disciplines. Innovative engineering concepts drastically reduce the effort and time for commissioning.

desigo cc is easy to operate

Easy Operation

Users are supported in their daily operations thanks to the intuitive front end. The system has a workflow-oriented UI, assisted event handling and automatic reports of a building’s performance. Desigo CC can also be operated from any device and location by using the touch-responsive Flex Client.  

Benefits of a Siemens BMS

LEED and BREEAM Certification

Helps reduce your buildings carbon footprint. It offers advanced functionalities to monitor and report CO₂ emissions or performance of energy consumption. 

integrate your Building systems

Integrate lighting, power, security, fire safety, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and third-party systems like audio visual systems into a single Siemens BMS platform.

future proof your building

It has the latest technologies, cloud connectivity, user-friendly interfaces, trendsetting features, and regular cybersecurity updates. Desigo CC is always ready for future challenges. The openness of the system means changes are implemented easily and buildings can connect to any smart device or cloud application.


Thanks to the many native integrations it allows users to adapt light, room temperature, etc. based on individual needs. For instance, it’s possible to control Enlighted energy meters to dim lights, activate emergency lights, and reduce energy consumption. It also has the capability to manage rooms or create segmented work spaces.  

ease of use and remote access

The easy to use, highly optimised and user-centric web interface, helps to improve event management throughout the building. It can easily connect to any smart device and multiple buildings can be linked together with the intuitive cloud application “Event Hub”. Remote access allows you check your building reports from anywhere an increasingly important feature in the current environment. 

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