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We can assist you with anything from Power Management Systems to Power Monitoring Systems, Energy Power Management Systems (EPMS) and Virtual Power Monitoring Systems. We have successfully implemented large scale projects utilising these solutions in critical buildings like hyperscale datacenters, colocation datacenters, life science facilities and most recently upgraded the power management SCADA system in the Aviva Stadium.

If power management is critical to the operation of your building we can help you design and implement a solution.

our Power solutions

Power Management systems

Collect and display real time information to ensure your electrical systems are safe and efficient. Ensures your consumption is in line with your capacity.

Power monitoring systems

Get valuable actionable information, reduce downtime, improve energy efficiency and control costs with real time monitoring and reporting.

energy power management systems

Measure, process, analyse, store and share energy usage and status information across your organisation with detailed reports to help you reduce energy related costs.

virtual power monitoring systems

Essentially performs the same functions as a power monitoring system the only difference being the system can be accessed and controlled remotely.

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