Lighting control + Emergency lighting systems

DALI and KNX lighting experts

Rockbrook Technologies are world class experts in the field of lighting control and emergency lighting systems. Our portfolio of project completions includes everything from small commercial solutions through to the large scale and highly technical. We have designed, implemented and commissioned complex lighting control projects for some of Ireland’s most high profile buildings. The Convention Center Dublin, Guinness Storehouse and Aviva Stadium Dublin is one of our biggest with approx 12,500 light fittings being controlled. Major infrastructure projects such as the airfield lighting system at Dublin Airport, the new Dublin airport control tower and numerous data centers for confidential clients have all been successfully completed.

Thanks to our expertise in Building Management Systems we are also accomplished at integrating lighting control and emergency lighting systems. We can pull your lighting systems into a building’s BMS/BEMS system. This often reduces the cost (one interface instead of two) saves desk space and allows the client control both systems from a single interface.¬†

As a KNX certified advanced partner with expertise in other open protocols like DALI and BACnet your lighting control and emergency lighting systems are in safe hands. Talk to us today to find out we can automate your lighting systems and reduce your carbon footprint.

Key benefits of lighting control

Lower energy costs

Lighting can all be monitored centrally as well as being automated to operate at specific times. The increased efficiency helps to reduce utility costs.

Improved comfort

Lighting can be maintained at an ideal level of comfort within the facility and altered to suit specific rooms/floors which reduces complaints from occupants.

Increased productivity

Employees tend to be more productive when comfortable. Lighting control allows you tailor the system to your employee’s needs and take into account seasonal variations, reducing environmental related disruptions.

Reduced maintenance

Usage can be monitored and the system can generate alerts when a service is required. Should there be a breakdown it’s location can be pinpointed quickly reducing downtime and disruption to the business.

Increased safety

Lights can be turned on automatically at night, switched off in the morning or integrated with a motion detector to trigger them if movement is detected within the building.


24/7 remote access to the system in your building allows remote control of systems from any internet-enabled device and allows you to adjust settings from anywhere.

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