convention centre dublin (CCD)

The Convention Centre Dublin is a world-class conference venue in the heart of Ireland’s capital city which hosts numerous local and international conferences and events every year. To date this impressive venue has won over 45 industry awards including ‘World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre’ at the 2017 and 2019 World Travel Awards. Rockbrook have successfully implemented a number of building integration, lighting control and room automation projects in the venue. 


The initial project involved a lighting control system (LCS) capable of local and central management of all spaces within the building. We also needed to provide a platform for integration of the building sub systems including HVAC, Access and Security and room automation solutions that could interface with central utilities, HVAC, Access and Security.


Lighting Control System
The LCS is based on KNX and DALI technology thus facilitating the complex nature of both the lighting and room automation required in the building. The system controls and supervises over 8,500 fittings including all emergency fittings. Each fitting reports back its status in real time making maintenance of such a large lighting system manageable and ensuring the lighting system is always in peak operational state for high profile events.

Building Systems Integration
As part of the integrated systems requirement for this building RBE implemented an integration platform allowing seamless communication between lighting control, HVAC, room automation, access and security systems. This allowed CCD operations to setup individual areas to client requirements and facilitate multi client hosting throughout the building.

Room Automation
Automation at room level was implemented to control blinds, AV equipment, HVAC and lighting from a simple touchscreen that provided individual item control and preset operational modes. 

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