St Mels Cathedral

It was a privilege to work on this restoration project which required us to provide a lighting control system (LCS) and a Building Management System (BMS) for control of all HVAC and building utilities systems.

Project details

The Cathedral Church of St Mel is located in the town of Longford in Ireland and is dedicated to Saint Mél (died 488), who came to Ireland with Saint Patrick and who was ordained bishop at Ardagh, County Longford. On Christmas Day 2009, the cathedral was sadly destroyed by a fire in the early hours of the morning so it was a priviliege to be involved in a project which saw it restored to it’s former glory and re-opened.

We were tasked with providing a lighting control system (LCS) capable of local control, building mode control and central management of all spaces within the cathedral as well as a Building Management System for control of all HVAC and building utilities systems.

Building Management System
The Siemens Building Management System was implemented using centralised automation stations to control both utilities and HVAC. All equipment is monitored, scheduled and controlled via a graphically rich front end and affords easy manipulation of scheduling and building control functions.

Lighting Control System
The LCS is based on KNX and DALI technology facilitating the local control, remote control and building mode requirements. The front end server is centrally located and allows operations personnel to easily adapt the cathedral to different operational modes and facilitate a wide range of events.

Building Systems Integration
As part of the integrated systems requirement for this project Rockbrook implemented an integration platform allowing seamless communication between lighting control, BMS and natural ventilation systems. All of the systems are controlled and supervised by one integrated front end.


St Mels Cathedral, Deanscurragh, Longford, Ireland

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