Building Automation

Rockbrook Technologies specialise in advising, designing, deploying and maintaining building automation systems for some of Ireland’s leading companies. We provide full turnkey solutions from design and documentation to engineering, validation, acceptance testing, supply of equipment plus final commissioning and handover. Should you require it we can also provide service level agreements to ensure once installed the system is maintained.

Building automation can be used to easily control, regulate, and optimise heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading, energy management, fire safety, and security systems, including access control, video surveillance, and intrusion protection. Where possible we prefer to utilise open communication protocols to enable easy integration with other systems and allow you the option to modernise later on. 

No matter the size of your building, its purpose or application rest assured we can advise you and provide the appropriate solution. 

Key benefits of building automation

lower energy costs

Heating, cooling and lighting can all be monitored centrally as well as being automated to operate at specific times. The increased efficiency helps to reduce utility costs.

improved comfort

The building’s temperature, humidity, lighting and shading etc. can be maintained at an ideal level of comfort within the facility and altered to suit specific rooms/floors which reduces complaints from occupants.

increased productivity

Studies have shown employees tend to be more productive when comfortable. Building automation allows you tailor the system to your employee’s needs thus reducing environmental related disruptions.

reduced maintenance

Building usage can be monitored and the system can generate alerts when a service is required. Should there be a breakdown it’s location can be pinpointed quickly reducing downtime.

increased security

The security and fire system can be integrated with the building automation system. Live monitoring allows you generate alerts when suspicious activity is detected. Doors can be locked or unlocked remotely or at pre determined times.


24/7 remote access to all of the systems in your building allows remote control of systems from any internet-enabled device and allows you to adjust settings from anywhere if required.

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